About Us

Archemist Studio is a design studio located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Archemist Studio was established by two friends during their study in the Architectural Dept in the same university. By utilizing their passion for architechture, they started Archemist Studio after they graduated in 2011. From then on, they explore their potential, experience and exploring all things related to architechture. Archemist itself is a amalgamation of architecture and chemistry, where the two founders' chemistry is the kind of chemistry they want to have with their clients. After several projects, they believe that an architect's satisfaction is when their design becomes the client's satisfaction.

Vision And Mission

What we offer to make ideas come to life with our 3D images.

What we promise complete devotion to our client’s needs.

What we want to provide a realistic visualization and animation of a given project.

What we do make a total 3D concept design after analyzing each client’s individual needs.


IDEA and EXPERIENCE are important.

We believe in the COMMITMENT what we are doing.

We can't work alone, so TEAMWORK is a must to our success.